I have nothing but incredible things to say about my first day with these women. I feel so incredibly blessed to get to spend the next six weeks in fellowship with them.

If you can possibly believe it, there were FOURTEEN women who came for my first class today. Each and every one of them was incredibly attentive, took notes (what?), and had only kind words for me on my first day teaching anything. Even more have been asking about the class and it seems that we’ll actually have to be turning them away due to lack of supplies.

The class was three hours long and was part hands-on (making banana bread!) and part nutrition and health education. I couldn’t believe that after three hours, the women were still sitting around the classroom, chatting and asking me questions. They are just such a joy to be around! And they definitely will be keeping me on my toes.

I’m happy to report that the banana bread was a wild success; even though we made six loaves, every bit of it was eaten on the spot. Thanks to Mrs. Laine for the great recipe!

I’m more excited and positive than ever about my upcoming weeks here. I hope I can work hard enough to be the sort of teacher that these women deserve. It’s definitely going to be fun! Thanks for all your continued prayers.